Lagoonas Diary
You could fell the shift in the little kitties after catty and Catherine came to Monster High it wasnt anything major at first the pranks were still there until the day catty and catherine was caught in the cross fire and the look they gave our resident pranksters was intense and whiel tortile and mewoledy stood tall purrphonse was shamed.
We were eating out in the feild when Purrs approached she was quiet but she walked right up to kitty and cat and apolized for her inolvment in the prank. She said she was sorry and turned to walk away when Catherine  called out and told her to come by the art studio after calsses if she ever wanted to hang out..

That was about four months about she been hanging with catty and cat more often than she was seen with totorlie or mewoly.

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First and foremost I am not a huge die hard fan of barbie.
(You know Barbie right? five foot and then some, 120 or less pounds, perky firm tits, legs for miles and not a bit of ass, oh wait i found her stats, "height of 5 feet 9 inches at 1/6 scale. Barbie's vital statistics have been estimated at 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips)" )
I gotten into collection Monster high dolls, and if you ever had one in your hands they make barbie look almost normal, well not really. Now onto my point, since i started to collect these Monster themed dolls I  read up on things like  reviews, and from thus i read other doll reviews ( man i got to tell you there are some very pretty dolls out there, expensive as all hell but pretty none the least) The trend is that these plastic dolls are causing our children to have bad body images and or eating disorders ect.

Now i here i am scratching my head and wondering about this because I played with barbies, Hell I even bribed my sis to let me have soul rights to her geri ginger spice doll because she had Rogue's hair from X-men. My doll was a pirate, a zoo keeper, a assassin ninja , Rogue from X-men, she was my gateway to fantasy worlds of elves and demons she was my slayer of evil but i had no desire to be her, maybe wear her shoes but not be her or to  look like her. If anything I wish I had Storms body stats, gravity defying boobs, long mane of hair, able to control the natures elements, oh and yeah she got a nice set of hips and booty on her too! but she is a cartoon character not a real person.

I thought about this and I wonder do anyone realize that it is people that causes people to have issues with their bodies? You know classmates, school mates, friends, parents hell family can be the worse. Never mind actors, models and those so called plus size models. ( no hate im just saying if society says that 12 or 14 are plus sized then i have to dissagre but thats average ) I remember just starting to come out of my shell and hanging around with a larger group of people, I got looks and i got ignored and i got the comment that followed me around for years, it was that off hand comment of how big my boobs are. At a young age i got boobs, large boobs epic large boobs, boobs that make straight girls question their sexuality boobs. I have heard things that girls say to each other I have heard what boys say to girl and i have cried over rejection and rejoiced at time when i just been plain ignored. The expression "kids can be cruel" Hell yes and sometime well meaning parents, aunt and uncles  who think they know whats better for you and what makes you happy, they can do more damage than good. ( thank you parents for understanding i was not going to be a "normal" child.)  Now that just the people you see on a day to day basis, now add in tv, and movies and singers, opps forgot about the internet and social media sites and all that jazz, no fucking wonder we had a surplus of emos If i grew up in this time Hell yeah i had some body issues lots of them, But you know what, i love my body ever curve, even the fluff in my middle, I would like to lose weight for my heart in the long run not because i want to be skinny i like having my hips i love my legs.

I wish instead of people blaming their daughter or sons toys as the reason for the problems of their child, they talk to their child instead.  It makes me sad to see Barbie and all the other spin off dolls ( bratzs, monster high, ect) get shit thrown at them unjustly.

Thats it im done with my little rant, that aspire while having a migraine.

ps. I still wish I was a ninja .
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Harley Quinn museing

Well fuck, fuck fuck fuck.  yeah fuck. Nusled into the fur of her babies,Bud wimpered and lou nuzzled into her. The tester thingy was still griped in her hand she threw it into the garbage. Her little hidout was quaint and tiny and was almost too small for her and her babies but it was the only place she could go that joker didnt know about and couldnt find her at. What was she going to do about this. what was she going to do, Ivy ! ivy could help her, but she had to get to Ivy, who was accross town and well you cant really walk to hyennas accross town or take a cab and there was no way she was going to ask HIM, for a way over.

"Babies, can you stay here for a couple of nights alone? bud wimpered but they made no move to get up when she did. so she knew all was ok.  She tooke huge chunks of meat out for them, and changed into well black really whats better for sneaking then black ask the bat. So out she slipped  and fliped her way through the bustlying city until she rested on the hall wall on Ivys park. It was quiet here, men knew not to enter and neither did troublemakers Ivy rulled with an iron fist. She saw a few women huddled in the tropical plants that gave off heat. Here they were safe from the pimps, the horried bf or the bad daddies. Harvey slipped on in and wove passt them deeper than any human ever ventured into the heart of the park where ivy lived . What once was a shed was now her home timidly she knocked on the door.

Ivy was more of a day creature than the world knew, at night she rested because duller a little slower, she also removed what little clothing  it was hard enough sometimes to remember to put it on though. So a very naked large brested wild red haired woman answered the door. Surprise did not show on her face Ivy know Harley was here the moment she touch the plant life.

"Something is burdening you tonight Harley, what did he do now?"

"I havent seen him for almost two weeks."

"Time of the month run long?" Ivy knew that to save argument every time Harley was about to get her period she was leave him until it was done.

"didnt show up"

"who didnt?



"My  fucking period ivy!"

Ivy was smart if fact her human intelligence was high and her attundness with nature even more so. But that moment caught her off guard, it toook seconds to process what the big deal it been years since she had one so it took longer to remember. "Your pregnant? with his? she asked a tear steaked Harley.

"Yeah, yeah i guess i did." she wailled as green tinted arms wrapped  around her and brought her into  her warm hut. Ivy stroked her hair and wispered soothing words untill Harley cried herself to sleep. Ivy wrapped her up tight with warm leaves , walking to the far corner she picked up her cell phone it was a gift from Catwoman so Ivy could reach her in cause something happened at the park at night . There was only three numbers on this phone, Catwomans, Batmans, and a pizza place. It rang twice and a strainded voice answered
"Catwoman here"

"Um hi this is Ivy."

"I know darling, caller id, remind me to get you a better phone,  oh! is something wrong ? I cant really get down right now but i can be there shortly, should i bring enforcment?" A murmered voice  said somethign short  before catowman cut  back in "Shut up, they cant hear me, I can barley hear you and your on the line next to me so fuck off this could be important. Ivy are you hurt?"

"No but Harley is in trouble, and i dont know what to do."

"Does she need a docter? How badly is she hurt?"

"Um yes i think but she not hurt on the outside she um  well she missed her period."

"Oh fuck. Ill be there as soon as I can!" The line clicked shut and Ivy closed her fist over the phone slowly. She turned her attention back to Harley who was still sleeping her tears have run dry the curd of her eyeliner streaked over her cheeks. Friendship? love? what was it that drawed her to this petiet blond? Ivy found a robe and wraped it around it was a gift from Harley ages ago, she kept it for reasons she couldnt  really put into words.  She nessled into the plants and got confortable and waited.

Accross Town:
 Catwoman was trying to leave batman after tying up a group of gun dealers, the police came batman slunk off like normal and watched sliently as neewbies searched and old timers walked away laughing. Silently that drifted to the rooftops and acrross several bloocks before stopping. Usually they would change into street cloths and bruce wayne and her date Selena would take breakfast in some little un popular place. Causing the locas to stir and sputter. But tonight well tonight was different.

"So um catch you at home ok bats?"

"You not doing a JOB alone are you?"

"NO, im a good girl now, I just need to visit a friend." This was their joke, gone were the days of stealing art and fencing it, today her home for girls was funded on the level, she had a good life and loved her boyfrined who help filled her days and nights with adventures.

"what friends kitty?


"Your not going to do something thats going to get you in trouble is it by the locals?"

"Ivy dosent need my help, Harley does."

"Well thats nothing new, Should I call alfered?"

"No, Im going to go in and check  everything out first, cause its a girl things."

"Well Ill race you there and if I cant help Ill leave."
"You what??!?"

Just like a blink he was off running accross the roof tops, shit was the only world she managed to get out before she bolted, where batman had speed and his hulking mass, she was  speed and areodynamatic. She was a breath behind him leaping off the wall, but her jump was stronger she tackled him as they hit the grass and rolled.

"Bat she might not want to see a man right now."

"Ill see for myself, I been keeping an eye on her for years."

"Years?" she asked in a playful tone

"Not like you, like my little sister dating the wrong guy kind of sister."

"ok fine, well get the grass off you knees and come on then."

Catwoman moved deeper into the woods until she found the shack, before she could know, the door open emiting a soft light, her hair tumbled around her frame a silk robe kept her covered and decent. "why were you two forlicking in the grass? why are you both here?"

"I wanted to warn him about Harley, that she might not want to see a man right now, So i tackled  him to explain the matter." Catwoman spoke  quickly not sure how much Ivy liked the bats,

"I know home much you protect her bats, if it was her face i would have called you, now come in she starting to wake."

The world came into a slow focus, she could see Ivys hair beyond that was Catwomans slim figure in black and beyond him the bats. She sat up slowly letting the leaves unfold from her body. What are you guys doing here?

Catwoman  moved in closer  while Ivy turned around, they both looked at each other before Salene spoke "We came for you hun, Ivy called and said  well she said you were pregant, and well bats was with me and he came too cause thats what bats does."

"Oh." Now the memories came rushing back, Harley sat up straighter and looked down, deep inside she owed these people the truth, because no matter what happened they were the ones who picked up her broken peices. You remember what the joker did about two months ago whit that musuem? The one with that awsome cat exhibit in it Salene?"

"The Egyptians sweetie.

"I know, i know, well we went there after the iccendent, anyway that night you were there keeping an eye out for bats, who was there to try and keep joker from doing to much harm. Well after i showed you where he was hiding and you beat him up and he slunk away we went back to our place and well he took it out on me and i was sick and sore for awhile, so i didnt notice  that i missed then. We went out and you treated me to ice cream, shoes and that very pretty necklace, well when i got home one of the goones saw me and reported me and well he beat me up again and  i was double sore and didnt notice it then either, this month has been super quiet cause hes been planning anf ignoring me. So i told him though his door  that its my personal week , i checked the calender and well i was suppose to be on so i took off. Except it was wheni got there and got everything packed in and the babies settled. I noticed i hadent been there for two months. I paniked for a moment and gave  myself a few days to see and then i slapped on a disguise and got me a dozen of those test thingys . I used every fucking on of them and they all fucking came out with that stupid little pink cross sign and i cried and cried and hid away  i didnt know what to do so i came here. I need help. Can i have some help?

Ivy was at a lost her best friend was finally asking for help and she had no clue on how to help him at all.

Catwoman just stared and was scared herself, being a vigilante thoughts on babies mostly ran to , do not want. She stalled watching the tears fill harleys eyes.

It was the bat who got on his knees and took her hands into his. "Harleen, look at me, you know who i am right.?"

She nodded she knowed for a long time who the batman was she always figured if she could figure it out why couldnt everyone else right and she wasnt going to go blabbing to everyone thast the bats was bruce wayne.  He paied for her little loft apartment when she used it he kept everyone away from it, he bought Ivys park and let her have the run of it and Selene well he loves her and taken her into his home of the bats.

"Im going to set you up with a name, and a appoitment for the doctor, i might not be there on that day but you should go, cause we need to make sure this isnt some stress induced trauma. The important question is this, do you want to keep this baby?"

It didnt take her long to really decied on that matter she knew there was no why she could kill something that is inoence"I want to see this through."

"Ok, give me a few days, to get everything sat up for you, Ill ask Salene to coem down when everything ready if that ok with her " Salene nodded.
"Ill get you into a doctor, but now pay attention to me, if you want to let this baby live, you cant go anywhere near the Joker, do we understand."

Panic made her heart throb and her eyes widen, she knew excatly what would happen, the first argument would probably be a punch to the gut. Her arm wraped around her still almost flat tummy in memory of the pain of the last one.

"I know  that look, so stay low, stay here with Ivy hes terrified of her."

Ivy chuckled at that it was true that green hair freaked was fucking scared of her.

"Me and Salene are going now, ok, so relax here for a few and well get you moved into a safe spot  is that ok with you?"

with a nod they gathered their things and left , Ivy crawled into bed with her and they both settled in for the rest of the night.

The dawn rose and so did ivy she went out to the women in the park and left them fruits and veggies they could eat, the women kept to themselves and tried very hard to be mindful of whos place they were in,  Ivy didnt mind them, while they were here they helped keep things clean  in return she loved to shelter them. She came back to her little home and there she was in her bra and panties streatching out her tiny little body. They cooked and  cleaned and walked the gardens, times she would admuse her and in return she was distract her until nightfall. They spent most of the week going from one side of the park to the other, during the day women would bring their kids in and they would romp and play in the clearnings, leaving the deep woods alone. Harvey was excited to see two men playing with a little girl for a long moment she sat up in the tree watching until the girl  chased after a butterfly, she saw harleys legs and came for a closer look.

"Whats ya doin?"

"Enjoying a nice day what are you doing?"

"Playing with my dads, they both have today off and i wanted to come here, my friend dannile told me her and her mommy comes here cause this place is protected."

"And it is," Ivy emerged out of the deep woods. with the exposer of the woods protector the two dads emeraged  from their pinic and came down, the younger one held on to the littel girls hand.

"we are new to the city, and dylian came home this week from school and told us all about this awsome place that her friend and her mother goes to so we promised to take her, but if you dont want us here."

"No daddy! She cant make you leave here too!" dylian screamed at Ivy. so thats when i scooped down from the branch.

"hey kiddo no need to get all excited."

"Who made you leave where?" Ivy asked in her im trying to be nice to stranges voice.

the two dad looked at each other and the older one spoke first, "a kids play area, two schools that we wanted to enroller Dylin in, a kids clothing store, anywhere else hun?"

"Ice cream place, girls clothing store in the mall, kids swimming pool, that bar and the libary."

Ivy has a very direct manner and sometimes  scratch that most of the time she just blurted things out, " is it because you are gay, with a daughter?"

"Yes that would be the direct reason."

"You figure with a city full of people running around in costumes people would be much more open." I said to the little girl. she giggled and hid behind a leg.

Ivy took a full moment to consider her next words "You should research where you go, Bruce wayne has his hands in place and his place are good, he is a nice man who hates to single out anyone, but you like the women are welcome, when i came here i said all those that are abused and picked on may seak solitude in my domain, that mean you as well you know, men said this was only for women but that is not what i meant i would never turn anyone away who needed to be away, So Dylin you can come here anytime you like."

Ivy turned and vanished into the woods.

"Daddy, shes pretty.;'

"thats she is, darlying.:"

"But shes not wearing pants."

Snort, "She never does, she loves to feel the grass on her legs, i had to rememind her to cover the bobbies before we left."

"Are you her girlfriend?"

"We are best friends, we been friends for years."

"I dont have a best friend."

"I dont know if I fit the bill for best but ill try and be your friend."


"Im going to give your dads my number, and when you come to the park ill try to come over so i can play too." Harvey fished out a scrap of paper and scrawed out her number and gave it to them. When i start showing though i wont be able to run around with you but ill be here."

They said their goodbyes and Harley walked back to the shack alone, waiting for her was Salene and ivy holding bags." Its a good thing, I was worried you wouldnt notice me today?"

"I was assuring a family that they are more than welcome in my part with their little girl. What is all this?"

"Clothing food and papers for Harley, You appoitment is for 10 tomorrow do you want me to be there with you?"

"I dont think so, I think Im good."

"I got all the information written down for you. do you wnt me to stay around for a bit or are you gals good?"

"Thanks Salene, but me and Ivy are good."

"Ok then I got to run, I havent checked on my babies in a few days and i think theres one that bats might let  me bring home."

"Babies!! oh no oh no my boys I forgot about my boys!" Harley dashed inside and pulled on the black she she arrived in, and shoved past the women at the door. She vanished in short order in the woods.

Catwoman just looked at Ivy a complete look of confusion on her face.

Ivy remembered cause those foul smelling,drooling wild mutts were not alloud in her home."Bud"

Catwoman realized and finshed the sentence "Lou."'

They didnt speak, the tossed everything inside and ran into the woods together, Ivy lead the wall following the path that Harley took, they both leaped off the wall and she was no where in sight.

"Fuck, I dont know where shes going."

"Neither do I but Bats might" She flicked out her phone and called it rang twice before he picked it up.


"Bud and Lou, where is Harley keeping them? where is her place. do you know?"

"I sent the address to you GPS, Ill be there as soon as I finish this meeting"

Salene clicked off the call and the GPS told her to go to the Libary on fifth street, " She told Ivy the place and they both took off running, dogging traffice slipping to alleys and comming up the the libary where it was closed. She barley had time to catch her breath, when a text came thought on her phone, side window, service elevator top floor opens to her loft.

Ivy frowned at the text but shrugged they walked to the window and pushed it open, both women slipped in and talking a moment to look arounf there was a closet and a door, Salene tried the door it was locked, Ivy open the closet door inside was a small basic elevator, with just enought room for the two women or one tiny blond and a heyna. Bracing for  a double hyena mess they open the door softly, blood hit their nose then the urin and feces. Over hual it was the silence that was unsettling, Selene looked one way Ivy the other, the bed was torn everything was broken and covered in blood. Ivy moved towards the first torn and bloody furry body. it was Bud and he was gone on from this world. Selene had moved to the other furry body by the windown that was smeared with filth, She reached out and touched and was rewarded with a soft rumble. Ivy moved over she shoved her hand under Lous nose, she burrided her hands into his furn andaccessed the damaged.
"Bud attacked first and Lou countered, Bud got the worse and Lou just got beat up lots of internal bleeding," She took her finger and slipped into her mouth running it over her sharp insicser she tore a gouge into her finger, it bleed green and she stuck it inside Lous mouth, "He needs a vet asap, and we need to stop Harley she pointed to the wall behind them.

"Selene turned around witht he phone to her ear, and she stared at the Joker tag with the message "Your dead." written in blood. It took her a moment to answer Bats,
"Lou is alive, Bud is dead, Harley is gone after the joker, he killed Bud and left her a message in Buds blood. Call 739 4229 ask for trish she my vet, tell her who your calling for use both names, tell her what Lou is, Ivy is staying here with Lou, You and me are going to Jokers carnival. " She clicked off the phone and ripped off her pretty dress shirt, and slipped off her pants. From her purse she pulled out a mask and a long purple dress, she slipped it on and Ivy regonized it as one of Salenes early costumes and she raised an eye at her friend.

"Had a accident with my usual costumes, new batgirl decided to wash them her way." The window slid open easily , apparently the boys went outside to do their bussiness and thats how joker and his men got in they left their lines still attached. "Ill get our girl back if Tish dosent need you catch up?" With Ivys nood catwomen took off running accross the line onto the next building. Cutting accross the city to the lower end of the city where Joker made his home. Soon she was joined by her dark shadow and they decended upon hell. The carvinel was in flames, and it brought both villiganties to a halt. Something exploded deep underground viberating the ground a little.

"This cant be good." Bats groumbled
"Understatment., come on then."

Two black shadows slipped into the chaos, and avoided the limping henchmen who lumbered out into the streets, the ducked dogged and drove deeper into the burning hidout that used to be the Jokers domaine.  It was Catwomen who saw the room in the theather,  the double twang of batarrangs and the whirll of them being lifted up to the window. Salene could only watch as the view of Harley beating the living shit out of  her pricious pudding was something she would have to tell Ivy of later. Bats went right to work opening the window and slipping inside, reaching out he tuged Salene inside and un clipped her. They both could only watch as harley used her bare fist and slammed them into his fist and body. He wasnt moving her wasnt speaking he might all ready be dead, and what did Bats do, he held on to Salene, "I dont know how to make her stop."

"I do." She dove into Harley and took her down to the floor. The girls struggled for a moment  "Harley! harley ! its me its me darling!"
She stopped suddenly, "He killed my babies!!!"

Salina ape her arms and legs


things about me

I was once asked why I posted so many memes & what was I hoping to achieve by doing so many. I’ve learned a lot about my LJ friends thru memes; more quickly than I probably would’ve thru general conversations. I think this is a really good meme for learning a bit more about the interests of the people on my flist.

Comment, and I will pick 6 of your interests for you to talk about  ( taken from letsgokomets)

unlike the fancy letsgokomets there will be no pictures in this post
( nice use of the CM icon)
Criminal Minds:
where do I start? the characters, the geeky geeks, the smartasses. I love the dynamic between the characters. The love between Morgan and garica ( who i resemble in quirkyness), the protective nature all  the characters have towards Reied.
The writing for the show always keeps me on my seat and there has been more than one esp that made me cry, but i think its the little bits before and after a case where we the viewiers get to peek into the characters personal lives of the characters my favorite is Hotch.
Lets not forget the explosions i love explosions.
My Secret: I want Garica's closet with all her jewerly, or Morgan, or reied hell ill take rossi too!
Sailor Moon:
Where do i start, I was a teen when i saw this for the first time is was playing after school on cartoon network i think, I had no clue but i loved it and would watch it when ever i could. I had no access for the internet so i had no ideal how big the show was at that time. So fast forward to collage and i meet this girl at walmart with donuts at the checkout, i make a cute joke and we laugh she left and so did i, apparently we lived in the same building. So we became friends and she a huge sailor moon fan due to her i got back in, to the fandowm and she showed me how to use ebay! well along came the figures, the movies, the dolls and the dvds.  I have a decent collection of dolls and figures even the new manga, I join a few groups of sailor moon on LJ that i am joined with and i am happy to be around people who love sailor moon as much as i do.
The Secret:
Its the story of how a crybaby,  was given a power and a mission and how she adapted grew and became a hero who would kill herself to save the earth for a buch of people she didnt know as long as her friends were saved.  I loved all the other characters because they each had their own unique story and their own trails and failures.
Doodling i been doing it all my life sadly mostly through my high school math class, just dont ask me how i did on math, ill have to lie to you. I never developed my drawing as much as i should have, but i love to color pictures and I love to look at art. Lately though i been painting my abstract is decent but i love doing character paintings, like of MLP, Monster High, Abbey( NCIS)
I grew up watching this, i skiped most kiddie showes and went to this and thundercats. When i was a child I lived in ontario, Canada, i watched all these shows but when we came down to Newfoundland it wasnt on the air as much so I went years without seeing a episode until i was in my teens, again collage happened and ebay and lot of dolls bought and dvds.
She-ra was  a strong woman who had awesome powers and was supper pretty too. She saved the day, helped the animals without breaking a sweat while delivering semi bad one liners.
The Secret:
adoring this charter open the door that led me away from the damsels in distress characters. Falling in love with the ideal of a warrior woman, lead me to love characters like Zena, X-men and books like Alana the lioness by tamora pierce ( i spelled this wrong forgive me) and games that have strong woman who kick ass. She ra opened this door for me and she will always be my favorite character.
Lagoona Blue:
A character from Monster High, a easy going free spirited teenage girl who has her circle of friend but she brave enough to stand alone of her opinions and to stand up for herself.Never mind i love her blue and blond hair and her i dont have to dress to impress.
Never mind her accent.
The Secret:
I wish more girls were like this, brave enough to be their own person cough monster cough. To not follow the flock because the flock wants to do something stupid.
Being Human:
Oh my i found this show late at night and i watched several episodes and enjoyed the concept. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost two of those three try so hard to be like a human to be accepted as a human.  The ghost well i never got that far into the series, but she watched over the others and was there to point out their fuckups.
The Secret:
I haven't watched any more than a few episodes, even though it on netflex, ( i get distracted by dexter, the glades, and cartoon movies )


My laptop has died the words " no operations system found" so now I have a broke. I don't know if I can fix it computer and that makes me sad very sad . So it's probably going to be months before I can get another one at all. I need my wisdom teeth out before anything major. So I'm fucked and my Internet addiction is only going to be satisfied via this damn phone sigh.

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